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Equipment Servicing

Monterey Bay Diving prides itself on quality service. Our highly trained and experienced technicians know the ins-and-outs of SCUBA equipment and can complete your service in a timely manner. After the initial services, we assume rigorous testing before you receive your equipment to make sure it functions at factory standards.

Our qualified technicians service most regulator brands, as well as those other dive shops usually do not service. We have a large plethora of parts and kits so your gear can be completed in a timely manner. We offer competitive prices, discounts for scuba clubs, students as well as for military personnel.


We are qualified to service most regulators and will maintain or return your regulator to factory standards. Your regulator will go through a full service (with genuine manufacture-supplied parts or kits), including an ultra-sonic cleaning and rigorous testing before you receive it back fully functional and ready to dive. 


Bring us your BCD to have all the valves serviced, check for leaks, and even adjust the inflator hose to fit your liking. We are able to do minor patch jobs and can even upgrade your inflator consul to an Air II sytem, so you can be the talk of the beach.


We are an accredited hydrostatic requalifying facility, able to perform necessary hydrostatic tests. We are capable of servicing all sizes of SCUBA tanks, as well as K-bottles as well as non-SCUBA cylinders such as paint-ball tanks.

Dry Suits

Bring us your dry suites to have the neck and wrist seals replaced, inflation and exhaust valves serviced, zipper replacements, or just for a pressure test and wash-down. We will return your suit back to you clean, functional, and ready to dive.